Nexans Powermine™ customized high-performance cable solutions ensure reliable and efficient mining operations

To meet the needs of mining customers for complete turnkey cable solution and services, Nexans has created the Powermine™ range, which covers all requirements for power, control and data transmission cables and accessories in deep and shallow mines

Paris, June 7, 2011 – Nexans, a worldwide leading expert in the cable industry, is at the Russian Coal and Mining 2011 event to launch its comprehensive Powermine™ range of customized cable solutions developed to ensure reliable and efficient operation for mining operations. Powermine™ cable solutions are fully compliant with world standards – including UL, CSA and MSHA – and cover every requirement for power, control and data transmission cables and accessories in underground and open cast mining scenarios. The Powermine™ range also comes with the extensive backup of Nexans’ global service operation including 24/7 repair and emergency service, training, environmental protection and the turnkey capability to outfit a mine with all its cable requirements.

Market challenges and Nexans answersPowermine™ for operational excellence and safety

Nexans has developed its Powermine™ range to deliver optimum economic efficiency in mining applications. Key features of the range include its built-in safety to handle short-circuits, fire, abrasion, impact, crush/breakage and its breadth of designs suitable for use in long free-hanging installations, extended links, and tough conditions.

The Powermine™ range also offers a high level of flexibility for the fast moving mining environment, both underground and open cast, and comes with technical support for system engineering, fast-delivery, installation and problem-solving, while Nexans’ advanced testing facilities ensure durability and worldwide certification. Additional services cover pre-terminated sets, harnessing, splicing, onsite-repairs and maintenance.

Underground cable solutions

The Powermine™ range for underground applications comprises: coal cutter cables that offer fire-resistance, durability and tensile strength; loader/scooper cables that allow electric powered trucks to travel long distances in galleries when conveyors are unavailable; shaft and gallery cables designed for easy installation and superior fire-performance to protect personnel and equipment; drilling and tunneling cables that provide greater autonomy for boring machines.

Open cast cable solutions

For open cast mines, the Powermine™ range offers a selection of cables developed to absorb impact from trucks and machinery to guarantee non-stop power and reliable control for conveyors, excavators, pontoon-mounted dredgers, electric shovels and draglines.

Underground and open cast solutions

For both underground and open cast mines, Powermine™ cables are available that integrate optical fibre and copper elements for remote control, surveillance and monitoring – often using an active switch system to provide a Power over Ethernet (POE) supply for vital equipment. Nexans has also developed submersible cables to handle groundwater drainage and fluorescent/reflective cables that increase the night visibility of exposed cables.

Powermine™ services

As a part of a complete, round-the-clock package, offered in many parts of the world, Nexans can deliver a 24/7 repair and emergency service available via a dedicated hotline to provide expert advice, technical support and even professional onsite intervention to avoid breakdowns and keep mines operating. Nexans also provides extensive product training as well as environmental protection services from the retrieval of wooden delivery drums, to the replacement of materials (like lead), Life Cycle Assessment, energy management, and cable retrieval-disposal-recycling.

Turnkey capability

The broad scope of the Powermine™ range combines with Nexans’ extensive expertise in testing, design, engineering, project planning, installation, logistics, maintenance, repair and maintenance to provide a turnkey added-value capability to outfit a complete mine.

“As easy-to-reach deposits are being depleted worldwide, exploration is moving further afield to remote locations, often in high temperature desert or freezing conditions. Nexans’ Powermine™ high-performance cables are designed to ensure a long service life and high levels of reliability in these increasingly challenging environments,” says Stefan Lottkus, Market Segment Director Mining of Nexans. “Thanks to our customer-orientated approach to product development and unrivalled global expertise in cables, we can also assist in the development of infrastructure systems that go beyond pure mining applications, but which are increasingly the responsibility of mining companies. These include private communications and data networks, self contained electrical power distribution, short-link rail infrastructure and material handling facilities for loading centres and ports.”

Meet Nexans at Coal Mining Russia 2011, Novotuznetsk

Visitors to Russian Coal and Mining 2011 are invited to meet Nexans experts on Pavilion 1 booth B16 to find out more about the new Powermine™ cable range.

Coal Mining Russia 2011, Novokuznetsk
June 7-10 2011 - Pavilion 1, booth B16


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