Reeling Applications

Standard reeling cables (Buflex)

  • Polyurethane-sheathed LV and MV cables feed and control motors on moving equipment
  • These multifunctional, hybrid cables are rolled in mono or multi-spiral drums,
  • Maximum flexibility under high tension and traction.

For mining and tunnel drilling, Nexans provides Sweden's Atlas Copco with cables that can resist shocks and sheathing tears, while delivering high tensile strength. Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industry uses Buflex cables on its heavy cranes.

Heavy duty rubber cables (Rheycord®and Rheycord® RTS)

  • These energy/control cables come in two versions for motor-driven reels and spring-operated reels.
  • Standard Rheycord® can move at 120 meters per minute (MPM)
  • Rheycord ® RTS (Reduced Torsional Stress) version delivers 200 MPM.

Nexans delivers this cable to diverse reel and crane manufacturers, including Delachaux (for motorized reeling drums).

High-stress rubber cables (Rheyfirm® RTS)

  • A 3 to 30 kV high-voltage cable providing energy and data for large STS cranes, in versions with or without fiber optics.
  • Standard operation speed is 190 MPM, but with an integrated steel strength member, it can handle up to 240 MPM.

Gottwald, one of the world's largest rail mounted gantry (RMG) crane manufacturers turned to Nexans for high-stress rubber cables for two new railway terminals in Switzerland and Italy for the rapid loading and offloading of containers.

Reeling and strong reeling rubber optical fiber (Rheycord® OFE R and SR)

  • Similar to the rubber-sheathed optical fiber cables used for festoons, the SR version uses a steel strength member to achieve high speeds up to 240 MPM and applications requiring high tensile strength.

The German steel factory, HKM Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann uses this newly developed type in their overhead cranes because it can handle high tensile stress without being affected by EMI.

Flat reeling cables (Rheyfirm® Flat)

  • LV and MV flat energy reeling cables
  • Application : mainly for container handling cranes, but also for special applications.

When Germany's Stemmann received an order for crane for a new Chinese coal-burning power plant, it chose this kind of cable which had the advantage of winding a longer length on one drum to accommodate long crane movements.

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Low and high voltage flexible reeling cables: Energy and data transmission under extreme mechanical stress like high reeling speed, torsional stress, deflection into different planes.

Application on cylindrical drums and monospiral reels on STS cranes (ship to shore), RMG’s (rail mounted gantry cranes), ship unloaders, stacker reclaimers and other heavy mobile equipment.