Customer Premises Equipement (CPE) for residential and multidwelling areas

WAN connection 100Base FX built-in O/E converter MT-RJ, SC or LC. Home-networking connection with 4 ports, each 100 Mbit/s for Triple Play and 2 analogue telephone lines. V-LAN and QoS for real-time services support.
Symmetrical 100Mbit/s Fast Ethernet connection

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Customer Premises Equipment
Signal and data transmission cables/Telecom systems
Currently switched Fast Ethernet is the solution of choice providing each subscriber with a P2P connection at data rates of 100 Mbps and more. The Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) made by Nexans has specifically been designed for connecting residential customers and office customers. For residential customers, the Nexans CPE offers a special technology for the efficient multicast transmission of Video over IP, ports for connecting traditional telephones (POTS) as well as particularly high security and data integrity. For business customers Gigabit Ethernet as well as special security and authentication features are combined with a Power over Ethernet feature for feeding VoIp phones and Wireless Access Points.