Nexans (Suzhou) Cable Solutions Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Nexans is a global leading wire & cable manufacturer with a century’s history. In order to further solid its industry leading position in the fast-growing China market, Nexans upgraded and consolidated its two plants in Shanghai China and established Nexans (Suzhou) Cable Solutions Co., Ltd. which has been formally put into production since 2016. This plant makes itself an important footprint of Nexans Group around the world.



Nexans (Suzhou) Cable Solutions Co., Ltd. is located at Wuzhong Economic Development Zone of Suzhou. As the industrial manufacturing center of Suzhou, this zone provides the plant with convenient conditions in terms of infrastructure, human environment, administrative support, local manufacturing resources and skilled labor force.

In this plant, there are more than 300 professional technical talents. And it can produce dozens of types of wires and cables under over 1,000 specifications. Our products cover a lot of fields in Industry and LAN Systems. As for Industry, there are Rolling Stock, Shipbuilding and Offshore, Handling, Mining, Aerospace, Industry Data, Medium Voltage Accessories. LAN systems cover three key markets including Data Center, Intelligent Building and Enterprise Network. The cabling solutions offered by Nexans serve widely in financial institutions, governments, hotels, military projects, traffic and transport, energy, medical care, culture and media, education, enterprises, industry, vessels, offshore drilling platforms, etc. The advanced “Factory Standardization” management introduced from Nexans Group further improved the plant’s management system and promoted its market competitiveness.


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Nexans’ key manufacturing equipment adopts well-known foreign brands like Maillefer, Troester, etc. The key equipment of the plant includes 5 rubber continuous vulcanization production lines and 4 plastic extrusion lines, which are equipped with digital PLC module and can achieve semi-automatic production. In addition, in order to meet the production requirements of high-end industry data, Nexans is also equipped with a skin-foam-skin high speed insulated serial line to produce insulated conductor. The production line features high precision, high speed (up to 1000m/min), high stability and full range online testing ability to meet requirements of industrial network line CAT 7 and higher performance requirement of industry data.

In addition to the advanced equipments, Nexans also has comprehensive testing capabilities, ranging from analysis of cable materials, electrical performance testing, mechanical testing, bus (high frequency) transmission performance testing and environmental performance testing. Nexans has set up an independent fire test room for laboratory operations of a variety of standards like IEC, UL, EN, etc.

Apart from manufacturing cables, Nexans also provides cable cutting, pre-trimming and cable assembly component services. Thus, with its one-stop turnkey service, Nexans’ customers can immediately use their cables.

Nexans (Suzhou) Cable Solutions Co., Ltd. continues to improve the performance of cables to meet the requirements of the latest system and technical requirements from various fields. At the same time, it also pays much attention to customers’ requirements for security, reliability, and environmental protection. The company will continue to invent and develop new products and new processes to ensure its sustainable market leadership.