About Us

Nexans (Yanggu) New Rihui Cables Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing footprint of power cable products of Nexans Group in China, covering LV, MV and HV Accessories. 
Nexans has been providing cables and accessories to Chinese customers since 1980s. With a view to better satisfy the demand of Chinese market and further consolidate its leading position in a booming energy infrastructure market, Nexans Group had established a joint venture in 2012 to manufacture power cables. Further, in 2014, it set up a HV Accessories manufacturing workshop to provide customers with high-quality products and solutions. Currently, Nexans (Yanggu) New Rihui Cables Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary wholly owned by Nexans Group.
Nexans (Yanggu) New Rihui Cables Co., Ltd. is one of member units of Sinopec system resource market, also one of member units of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, serves as a qualified supplier of CHN Energy, China Huadian Corporation Ltd., China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Construction Engineering Group and other customers. Meanwhile, the company has formed strategic partnerships with Luxi Chemical Group and Shandong Hi-tech Innovation Nexans' products have also been successfully applied in Samsung's Xi'an facility, National Games venues in Shandong and other projects. 
Currently, Nexans (Yanggu) New Rihui Cables Co., Ltd. provides over twenty leading products, including XLPE insulated medium voltage power cables, overhead cables, low voltage power cable, control cables, instrumentation & computer cable, building and household application wire & cables and mining cable, etc. As to cable accessories, Nexans Shandong High Voltage Accessory Factory has an annual capacity of more than 5,000 sets, and it is capable of providing technical support services to customers with many professional installation supervisors and over 10 certified competent installation teams. 
Rooted in Chinese market, Nexans (Yanggu) New Rihui Cables Co., Ltd. has been exporting cable products to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other overseas markets.