Multi-quad cables

  • Typically K23 (RATP), ZPAU & ZPFU (SNCF), A-2Y(L)2YV or AJ-2Y(L)2YDB2Y
  • Copper multi-pair signalling cables are twisted pairs or quad cables providing low frequency and two-way telecommunications for field equipments.

For major railway operators, Nexans has developed customized EM-immunity (high-reduction factor) cables which are especially important for high-speed lines. Recent successes include several subway projects, like Santiago (Chile), New Delhi and Hanoi; and subway projects in Reims (France) and Algiers.

Cables Solutions

室内布线/电线和电缆 <1kV

Used in residential, public and industrial buildings, fire-resistant cables allow fire alarms, smoke evacuation, lighting, sprinklers, etc. to continue operating during a fire.