Airport White Paper

Cables and cabling solutions to support new airport priorities

Sheremetyevo International Airport T3, Moscow, RussiaThis report is intended to give a general overview of the global airport market, and provide information about how Nexans is serving this market.

It opens with an overview of today’s dramatic growth in air travel and explains the key forecasts in terms of passenger and cargo growth, aircraft size and movement. Even despite intense building and expansion, according to experts, the world will still have to face a 1 billion passenger shortfall by 2020; and so there is no likelihood of an abatement in airport development. The paper then reviews the new Airport Cities development and explains how a new paradigm shift is changing airport activities. The first section concludes with an explanation of why cables are so important for airports.

Part II looks at the specific area of airport infrastructure, and explains the relevant Nexans products and solutions.

Beijing Airport - New terminal 3Contents

I. Changes in the air... 

  • Dramatic growth in air travel
  • Forecasts: 2006-2025
  • Despite expansion, a 1 billion passenger shortfall by 2020
  • Airport Cities or Aerotropolises
  • A paradigm shift for airports
  • New airport priorities
  • Why cables are so important

Abu Dhabi International AirportII. Cables at the core of airport development

  • Energy networks/building infrastructure
  • Airfield ground lighting
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Communication networks
  • Bridge cabling systems
  • Aircraft ground power cabling cables
  • Airport cities: the ultimate challenge



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