Smart Grid White paper

This report is intended to give a contextual overview of “smart” and “smarter grids”.

It opens with some “electrifying statistics” showing how power grids have evolved over the years, and the extraordinary pressures that are coming to bear on network renewal, which includes estimates of projected national investments. It explores some dilemmas that power utilities face in the area of distribution, transmission and generation. It then focuses on what a “Smart Grid” really means and examines benefits not only to utilities, but to installers, operators, maintenance personnel, and consumers. Next, the White Paper outlines the challenges and expectations of utilities. Finally, the importance of grid evolution is dealt with and specific Nexans solutions and services are briefly detailed stage by stage, concluding with the important service dimension.

This report is followed by an Appendix containing some recent Nexans success stories, and some helpful definitions of Smart or Intelligent Grids that will be of interest to anyone wanting to compare scientific, corporate and public visions on the subject.


Smart grid white paper 

I. Introduction: The coming world of smart networks

II. The four drivers of change

III. Nexans: enabling network evolution through solutions and services

IV. Appendix:

  • Some recent success stories
  • Seven definitions of Smart(er) Grids or Intelligent Networks



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