A new Nexans DSL Application Centre to help Telecom operators deploy Triple Play

This Special Report highlights the new DSL Application Centre located in Santander, Spain, which tests DSL cables under actual operating conditions, thus allowing telecom customers to find the optimized cable type and configuration when deploying Triple Play.

The Report first explains that the major problem facing today’s operators is the “eligibility” of subscribers to receive Triple Play services, primarily multi-channel television. Then it updates figures concerning the proliferation of broadband and expanding DSL infrastructures worldwide. It explores operator’s strategic DSL development and explains Nexans double response: first, its product, enhanced DSL copper cable; and secondly, a new service, the DSL Application Centre. It briefly outlines benefits for the operator, and finally explains how fiber solutions can be used to further extend DSL for operators wishing to deliver full Triple Play services to a maximum number of subscribers


I. The major problem for Operators: eligibility

II. Update: continuing proliferation of broadband worldwide

III. Expanding DSL infrastructures

IV. Operators’ strategic DSL development

V. The Nexans PRODUCT: Enhanced xDSL Copper Cable

VI. The new Nexans SERVICE: the DSL Application Centre

VII. Benefits for the Operator

VIII. Conclusion: using fiber to move the DSLAM even closer to subscriber

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