White paper : Bringing safety on board

This report is intended to give an update of global shipbuilding, and provide information about how Nexans is serving this market.

It opens with a brief introduction explaining the recent surge of shipbuilding activity worldwide, the new lineup of shipbuilding nations, recent orders according to ship type, and other market drivers. It then focuses on some major challenges and lists some customer expectations of the cable industry.

The third section presents Nexans’ overall product offer and explains Nexans’ service approach.

This report is followed by an Appendix containing some recent success stories.


Shipbuilding White paper 

I. Introduction: The newbuilding wave advances

  • A swell in the orderbooks
  • Further major trends in a record year
  • Commercial orders according to ship type
  • Naval shipbuilding
  • Offshore topside vessels


II. Challenges and Cusomer expectations

  • Customer expectations of cable suppliers

III. Nexans: Expertise and Worldwide coverage

  • A wide range of products for the shipbuilding industry
  • The service dimension

IV. Appendix: Some recent success stories


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