Telecoms Infrastructure White paper

Nexans aids telecom operators and their equipment suppliers

This Report shows how two special cables (Enhanced XDSL Copper and FTTX Fiber-Optic Micro Cables) developed by Nexans for urban broadband infrastructure can help operators and their equipment suppliers to deploy their short and long-term strategies efficiently and cost-effectively.

Duct cableIt opens with a review of how broadband is proliferating worldwide, generating new customer expectations in terms of data speeds and value-added services; then analyses existing XDSL and FTTX infrastructures, and explains the need for upward evolution. The historical and strategic development of operators is traced through three key phases, with fiber moving steadily closer to the home. Nexans Enhanced XDSL Copper Cable is introduced, and its superior performance is proven through tests and benefits. FTTX Fiber-Optic Micro Cables adds a further dimension to existing infrastructure, while remaining easy and extremely fast to deploy. A typical installation is explained and benefits are reviewed, including "progressive deployment" to rationally improve the service offer and increase geographical reach.

The conclusion reemphasizes the alignment of Nexans strategies with those of its customers, and concludes that cable quality is an essential criteria for meeting their strategic objectives.


1. The proliferation of broadband and its consequences
2. Existing XDSL and FTTX infrastructures
3. Operators' strategic development
4. The Nexans solution: Enhanced XDSL copper cable
5. Test results and benefits
6. The Nexans solution: FTTX fiber-optic micro cables
7. Micro cable Benefits
8. Conclusion


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