Cabling for Windpower White Paper

Reaping the whirlwind


This report is intended to give a general overview of the global windpower market, and provide information about how Nexans is serving this market.

It opens with a review of the pros and cons of windpower and its future development, and concludes that despite some skepticism, windpower is an inevitable trend and an opportunity for those who can serve its multiple needs worldwide. The paper then focuses on several challenges facing developers, and concludes with the expectations they have of cable suppliers. Finally, the third section presents Nexans' overall solutions for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and infrastructure installers and explains Nexans' service approach.

This report is followed by an Appendix containing a list of recent Nexans success stories, innovations and references


1. Introduction: Wind of change, Wind of opportunity

  • With the wind: the optimists
  • Against the wind: the pessimists
  • The way the wind blows: current trends and opportunities
  • Success stories worldwide

2. Challenges and customer expectations 

  • Cost reduction
  • Global supply and turnkey capability
  • Innovation and upscaling
  • Upgrading transmission, distribution and grid interconnectivity
  • Offshore opportunities
  • Customer expectations of cable suppliers

3. Nexans: A global leader in wind technologies 

  • From standard products to custom-designed cabling
  • Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Solutions for windpark infrastructure
  • The service dimension

4. Appendix: Some recent Nexans success stories, innovations and references


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